Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Is your mobile display inventory being commoditised and losing value?

    Is your high-value premium offering shrinking whilst your lower value programmatic backfill grows?

    Is your current ad server adequate but lacking sex appeal and extra honed targeting capabilities?

    Vicinity Media's Software as a Service product is the solution you've been waiting for

    • Use our leading location technology to increase the value of your display inventory, attract and retain clients and offer deeper insights
    • Fully serviced - we don't just offer technology but a fully managed service whereby we will set up, manage, optimise and report on the campaigns you run - This means you can tap into the leading technology (and minds) in the digital location field
    • Easy integration and compatibility with DFP, Adtech and Appnexus
    • Access to sales collateral and support - we'll show you how to sell true location to your clients (it's easy)
    • No risk model - only pay when your clients buy in!
    • Highly Cost effective - $1.25 CPM

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